N Core - the backend of N

Build upon crow forked to fix a deprecation in boost 1.7+

N protocol


Each message sent to the N core server must be valid JSON and have a command field. It contains the command for N to handle, sanitized (i.e. no leading '/' or trailing username etc).
The arguments field contains the remaining text just as was send to the bridge.
All messages may optionally include an session field. When you authorize against N core or switch to a menu, you will be returned (see next section) a session id which you can then send with this field to follow up on the initial command.

Field Type Description
command string The command N core should handle
arguments string The arguments to the command (i.e. all remaining text in the message - can be empty)
session string The session id, should default to "null"


The answer consists of an array of reply objects, an success-flag and a session-id provided by N core.
The reply objects enable N core to request certain formatting from the bridges, which they should try to implement as close as the underlying platform supports it. In any case, the plain text stringed together from all replies text field should be enough to get the message to the user, annotations should be fully optional.
The session id can be ignored by bridges, but this will opt the bridge out of more complex (context specific) commands.
JSON object overview:

Field Type Description
reply array of reply-objects The reply from N core
success bool Whether the command was successful
session string A session id, defaults to "null"


The reply object:

Field Type Description
text string A part of the answer
annotations array of annotation-objects The annotations to this answer part


The annotation object:

Field Type Description
type string A part of the answer
extra array of reply-objects Extra content specific to the annotation type

The currently specified annotation types are enumerated below:


The text should be printed as plain text.
No extra content.


The text should be printed bold.
No extra content.


The text should be printed italic.
No extra content.


The text should be printed strikethrough.
No extra content.


The text should be printed underlined.
No extra content.


The text is the caption of an attached file. Extra content: String of content: "file_name;file_type;file_content", where file_content is base64 encoded.


The text should be formatted in a way to underlying platform of the bridge would recognize it (e.g. prefix with '/').
Extra content: the description of the command.

The text should be formatted as a link.
Extra content: the alt text for the uri - the uri should be the text itself, so that clients ignoring this annotation still show the real uri.