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mainmainly proposal update, maybe final version(?)Niklas Halle8 weeks
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2021-03-17mainly proposal update, maybe final version(?)mainNiklas Halle10-87/+127
2021-03-04proposal update, still TODO: time estimatesNiklas Halle6-32/+12
2021-02-21now that should be it for tonightNiklas Halle2-0/+1
2021-02-21implemented even more feedbackNiklas Halle4-6/+11
2021-02-21implemented some feedbackNiklas Halle2-6/+6
2021-02-21first real draft for the proposalNiklas Halle6-55/+84
2021-02-20some work on the proposal, created a common header file for short hand comman...Niklas Halle6-37/+41
2021-02-15added some basic test/trainings graphsNiklas Halle2001-8090/+5609298
2021-01-23add chapters + some explanation what will go where;Niklas Halle13-8/+103
2021-01-23add gestaltungshinweiseNiklas Halle1-0/+0